A Little Bit About Us

Battle Creek, Kalamazoo, Marshall, and Grand Rapids

In 1961 Earl Russell Jr., a young 25 year old appliance repairman, decided to start selling major home appliances and televisions to his customers. It all started in a showroom he built in his garage. He called his new business, Russell's Appliance. His business was growing and he decided to build a new building in his field, where it is now. It was around 1972 when he decided to add on to his store and sell furniture. It was the best thing he ever did. He also changed our store name to Russell's Country Store. "Between the cornfields and the pasture." Russell's Country Store now serves Battle Creek, Kalamazoo, and Marshall, MI and surrounding areas.

  • Russell's Country Store

    4237 Edmonds Road
    Battle Creek, MI 49017


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"Russell's Appliance"

Circa 1961